Adult Braces Are Growing in Popularity Annually

Posted on: February 16, 2018

BracesIf you are unsure if adult braces in are right for you, let the growing number of adult orthodontics patients help you decide. Since 1994, the number of adults receiving orthodontics treatment has risen nearly 60 percent annually, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. In 2010, adults made up approximately one-fourth of all orthodontics patients, a statistic we are sure has increased since then.

Since adults are no longer a minority when it comes to braces or other teeth straightening treatments, you can be assured it is an effective and advantageous option at any age for those who dislike the current alignment of their teeth.

Adults have multiple teeth straightening options

The percentages across the board indicate that straighter teeth are becoming more of a necessity for professional adults. Straight teeth can help adults find more success in both relationships and the work environment. Adults who are hesitant to wear unsightly metal braces can look into clear braces and aligner treatments. Both of these treatments are less noticeable and still provide great results.

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces, are made of tooth-colored ceramic materials and translucent components. These braces are not as noticeable as traditional braces but still produce strong straightening power. Aligner treatments involve the use of clear retainer-like aligners that are worn during the day for at least 22-24 hours. Patients can easily remove aligners to eat and brush their teeth.

Thus, people do not need to drastically change their diet or oral hygiene routine. Many adults prefer these options over traditional braces since they provide a more attractive route to obtaining straighter teeth. It is important to speak with us to learn about all possible options when it comes to straightening teeth. After a consultation, we will determine which option is the best choice for the individual patient’s oral health.

There is no need to live with crooked teeth

Since most adults have a career that offers them financial wiggle room, adult braces are a great option at this stage in life. When a patient is older, more mature, and paying for orthodontics treatment without parents helping, the individual is more likely to take it seriously and wear adult braces responsibly.

Many adults have better and more permanent results than those who wore braces during adolescence. It is also beneficial to go through straightening treatment at the same time as a child (if they need it), so one can encourage them in the proper care and treatment of braces.

Call us today

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The benefits of braces extend from a more attractive smile to important factors like improving your overall dental health, reducing costs at dentist visits, and helping you maintain your natural teeth for many years to come. As an adult who is seeking out orthodontic treatment, you are not alone, and you are a part of a large majority who will soon see amazing results.

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