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Straighter teeth can be yours without traditional orthodontic treatment. Gone are the days when your only option for an aligned smile was metal brackets and visible braces. At Gardena Dental Group, we offer Six Month Smiles and Invisalign!

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment available to patients in Gardena, CA and the surrounding Los Angeles communities. Teenagers and adults alike can now get the smile they’ve always wanted in about six months!

If you’ve always wanted a straighter, more aligned smile, but didn’t want to endure the length of time it takes for results from traditional braces, Dr. Saz is certified to administer Six Month Smiles and invites you to come in for a consultation. This technique is a cosmetic dental solution that utilizes the best aspects of braces and modifies the orthodontic treatment. 

The Six Month Smiles technique is a spin on traditional braces. It combines the very best in modern orthodontics with a system of clear braces and patent tooth-colored wires that are barely visible. Many people refer to Six Month Smiles as invisible braces. The Six Months Smiles technique applies gentle force to position teeth, providing a comfortable, safe, accelerated program.

When it comes to teeth straightening, some Gardena patients prefer Invisalign. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Saz is an authorized and experienced Gardena Invisalign supplier. Many patients like Invisalign because Invisalign aligners are clear, virtually unnoticeable, and can be removed during the straightening process. Patients enjoy being able to take out the liners to brush, floss, and eat.

What to expect when getting Invisalign at our Gardena Dental office:

• First, you will get a comprehensive dental exam with x-rays
• We will address any cavities before getting started with Invisalign
• Once your mouth is ready, we get impressions for the liners
• Next, we send your X-rays and pictures to Invisalign laboratories
• The specialized Invisalign lab sends back images of your mouth through virtual time-lapse photography; this allows patients to see what changes to expect
• Invisalign lab makes the liners
• Every month, you visit us again to get new liners
• Liners must be worn 22 hours a day in order to get complete results
• The entire treatment averages 12 months for adults but is decided on a case by case basis

In addition to a new, beautiful, straight smile, a benefit of choosing Dr. Saz and the Gardena Dental Group for your modern orthodontic solutions is that Dr. Saz offers free take-home teeth whitening once your treatment is over to compliment your new smile.

If you have questions or would like to see if you’re a good candidate for Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, contact our office for Gardena orthodontics today.

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