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Our Gardena Dental Implants Are A Great Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Your smile says a lot about you – make that statement a great one with dental implants in Gardena, CA.

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can provide a long-term solution that looks entirely natural. Dental implants will substantially improve the appearance of your mouth by forming a sturdy base upon which Dr. Amir Saz and his Gardena dental team can mount realistic replacement teeth. However, they come in a few subtly different forms. If you are interested in getting dental implants in Gardena, the first step involves learning more about exactly how implants work and finding out which type is best for you.
How do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants provide stable support for artificial teeth because they are integrated into the jawbone. Implants can support the replacement of one tooth, several teeth, or even all teeth. If you take good care of your mouth, your implants will be permanent.

What Types of Implants are offered at Gardena Dental?

• Traditional Root form implants: Root form implants are the most common. These implants are shaped like the root of a tooth, but the tips of them act as small screws or cylinders. They are placed in the jawbone, and the healing / integration process takes between three and six months. Once this process is complete, they are extremely durable, very natural looking, and can restore chewing capacity to 100%.

• Mini implants: Mini implants are smaller versions of regular implants, and they can be used to attach a supported denture or partial denture. They are particularly attractive to some patients because they are less expensive than the other available options and recovery time is shorter.

• Immediate load implants: Immediate load implants are also common choices and valued for their short process time. Once the implant is inserted in the jawbone, the crown is immediately attached. Some patients opt for the traditional root form implants over these implants because many studies show that the integration period is important for implant success and longevity.

• Denture Supported Dental Implants – Many patients who have dentures complain about them slipping out or clicking while speaking. They are unable to eat chewy foods such as steak or harder foods such as apples. For people who want more mobility, denture supported dental implants are the answer. Once root implants are implanted and integrated with the jawbone, our Gardena implant dentist can attach a crown with a hook that latches on to the denture. Many people only need a totally of four implants to support full upper and lower dentures.

Dr. Saz is happy to discuss all options for Gardena implant dentistry with patients so that both the dentist and patient are confident that the right implant is selected. If you have any questions about dental implants or have questions about the cost of Los Angeles area dental implants, feel free to contact us by phone or make an appointment online. Don’t wait any longer for a beautiful smile.

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